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Hitting my breaking point.....

We have moments in life when we wonder if we can handle anything more….we have this weight on our shoulders of life’s struggles or obstacles. We question if our sanity can take one more hiccup, one more road block or one more obstacle. We have reached our limit, our breaking point and are at our capacity.

This happened to me this past week and yesterday I snapped thus today reaching my breaking point. I have officially fallen apart, and I don’t do this. I can usually hold myself together and handle what life throws at me. But this time around I can’t, it’s just too much. So this is a new spot for me. Too feel so defeated, so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to muster the strength to handle the obstacles. I know the classic saying that “God won’t give you more than you can handle” but I think this leads you to think God is the source of the obstacles, not the solution or remedy. A very wise man shared some thoughts on this that have stuck with me. Maybe it’s during these obstacles that God isn’t testing how strong WE are but rather if we can lean on Him instead of ourselves.

The breaking point or “limit” we put on ourselves is our limit, not God’s. God doesn’t have a limit for us when we have Him as our tag team partner. He knows what we are capable of, far greater than anything we could imagine for ourselves. Yes there will be times we feel as though we can’t handle anything else, we’ve reached our breaking point. But what if at our breaking point is when a life defining moment happens? Or our greatest growth occurs? God has a plan for us, including those moments when we feel defeated. It’s at those moments of defeat and overwhelming that we simply need to hand it over to God. That’s what He wants, that’s why He’s there.

Oh don’t get me wrong I struggle handing it over to Him just as often as you. As I write this post I am in that moment, maybe that’s why I had this urge to write this post. At this moment in time I am at my breaking point, I need to tap out haha. Where’s my tag team partner at!?! Oh wait, He’s been extending His hand for a tag all along….I just didn’t see Him because my eyes were clouded with all the noise of what was going on around me.

I had my freak out moment today, I cracked and broke down. And I mean really broke down, like I haven’t in years. I had the “why me” self-talk and threw my little tantrum. I felt defeated and let it take over my day. Now I could rattle off what those struggles are but honestly it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t because who are we to judge each other’s struggles? My struggles and obstacles are different than yours and they are no greater or smaller than yours. The point I want to get across today is that when we are at that breaking point is when we need to tag in our partner, God. Let Him come in to your life and take over. He can conquer anything in the ring, if we just let Him in and take over for us.

God knows everything we are feeling. He knows what we are struggling with, the emotions we feel and every thought we have in our minds. He knows the pain we experience, but He also knows the love and support He can give us if we just look to Him. He wants us to turn our burdens onto Him.

It’s ok if we waive our white flag, as tough as that is for us humans. It’s ok to admit we need help (ha and I’m preaching to myself as I write this). We are not failing by tapping out to Him. That’s what He wants. He is our ultimate tag team partner, if we let Him be.

So at this moment I am waiving my white flag, high and proud in the sky. As I try to grasp what this past week’s obstacles mean for my coming days I am turning my burdens onto Him and letting Him be my solution, my strength and my Savior.

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